Saturday, December 04, 2004

more important news
A woman from from Buffalo, who claimed to be a Saudi princess and ran up a £600,000 debt, is counter-suing American Express for failing to spot her irrational spending. Dutch homeless people are getting free winter coats if they allow firms to advertise on them. A Croatian watching an action movie on tv was almost killed when a 200-foot ship ploughed through the wall and demolished his parents' house. A Romanian mayor who set up a hotline to deal with civic problems is receiving more than a hundred offers of sex a week from bored housewives. Hundreds of people were injured at an annual stone throwing festival in a remote mountain Indian village. An Australian diving club has set a world record in underwater ironing. A Swedish moose hunter is playing bagpipes to lure his quarry from the woods. The head of an Alaskan school has been sacked for getting another teacher to whip him in front of two students. A soap opera in Germany changed its name when they realised the initials spelt out ANAL. A performance artist ate a fox in protest at the public fixation with the UK government's ban on hunting. The Seven Dwarves are threatening to strike at a market in Germany after Snow White was sacked for posing nude in a newspaper. A New Zealand woman is breastfeeding a Staffordshire bull terrier puppy because she wants it to protect her baby. Bill Gates gets 4 million emails a day - almost as many as me.