Friday, December 03, 2004

important news
A Serbian tie maker is launching a range of cravats that tie around the penis. He hopes women might present them to men who have satisfied them. A Russian couple who tried to avoid buying a train ticket by putting their 3 year-old daughter in a suitcase had the case stolen. A Berkshire library kept getting asked for books such as 'Now You Can Eat All The Pies' and 'Lose Your Bum while Sitting On It' because people were fooled by magazine ads featuring spoof diet books. A Sydney man auctioned a piece of breakfast cereal resembling ET on eBay for £415. Two animal conservationists who met while working for 'Return Gibbons to the Forest' got married. At the ceremony the man summoned his mate by imitating a male gibbon call and she responded with happy monkey calls while swinging down from a tree. TV Watchdogs say the pig pleasured by Rebecca Loos - David Beckham's former PA - on the show 'The Farm' did not feel 'degraded' by the experience. Romania's blind car thief has been arrested for the second time in a month for stealing a car and crashing it into a tree.