Friday, September 10, 2004

recent news
A Maryland couple have raised a Cabbage Patch doll as their only son for 19 years. A Chinese woman accidentally fell from the balcony of her 5th floor apartment and was caught by her husband standing below. A Japanese man set his house on fire trying to kill a mosquito. Auctioneers knocked the head off a figurine of Anne Boleyn as they put it in a cabinet. Demand for lederhosen for dogs is increasing in Germany. A Cuban farmer has developed three-feet tall dwarf cows. A judge in Sri Lanka jailed a man for a year for yawning in court. A Japanese professor claims that a woman whose pubic hair is shaped like an inverted triangle will be a good mother and faithful wife. A Dutch town hopes Highland cattle will deter gay couples from having sex in a local park. Cher keeps a chicken coop full of male models backstage when she performs. Catholic students have complained that new Haribo sweet wrappers portray fruit having sex. A sex-starved female chimp at a zoo in China has taken to smoking and spitting at visitors. A lion was found hiding in a public toilet in Zimbabwe.