Wednesday, September 08, 2004

John Miller

Some things in life are either really good or just plain awful, and Country and Western music is one of them. The gulf between, say, Hank Williams or Johnny Cash and a saccharine stetsoned nonentity like Garth Brooks is too wide to even contemplate. Scotland is admittedly a mighty long way from Tennessee but there is one Scottish country singer/songwriter who could be described as the genuine article and that's John Miller. He was the main man in the excellent Glasgow band The Radio Sweethearts, and is going to be touring here in November with his Country Casuals. He'll be playing, mostly in small venues, in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Dublin and other places, so if you get a chance go and see him. Great voice, real stage presence and a superb backing band. What more do you want? If you go to see him at 'The Village' in Edinburgh you'll have the added bonus of hearing The Sunshine Delay, featuring the lovely Paula McNally on vocals. If you don't live in the UK book your plane ticket now! Yee Ha.