Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I was memed by Jean to list eight random facts/habits about myself, so here goes... I'm not going to tag eight people - as the rules demand - because I'm a rebel, but if anyone else does it please let me know in my comments.

1 In my final school report my headmaster concluded 'He should smile more often'. He meant it in a nice way I'm sure, but I might have replied: 'After 5 years in this place what do you expect?'

2 When I was a kid I used to play hide and seek with other boys in the village. I was so good at hiding that nobody ever found me, which meant I was never the one to 'seek'. This took some of the fun out of it, but I took pride in my ability to conceal myself.

3 One of the most spectacular things I have ever seen was an orca (killer whale) in the middle of the Pacific Ocean while I was on a cargo ship travelling between Australia and the west coast of America. It was a beautiful day, and the sea was calm and that unbelievably deep blue colour. I was standing on the deck watching flying fish skimming over the surface when the enormous orca suddenly emerged about 75 yards away, moving parallel with the ship. It cartwheeled completely out of the water in what seemed like slow motion before crashing back into the depths and vanishing. The image is still firmly etched in my memory.

4 I don't like mobile phones. I have one, but I really don't want to be constantly available. Less than 10 people have my number, and they rarely call or text me anyway. The ringtone always makes me jump so I have the phone set to silent when it's on. This means I have to rely on the sensation of it vibrating in my pocket - not necessarily a bad thing. The only good thing about the mobile revolution is the opportunity it provides to eavesdrop on other people's conversations in public places.

5 I do fifteen press-ups every morning. Other than that about the only exercise I get is from sex walking.

6 Whenever I make a poached egg I think of an old friend who showed me how to swirl the water in the pan and drop the egg into the middle of it. Makes a perfect egg.

7 I met my first serious girlfriend at a party. I was sitting on the floor, the worse for wear after a few drinks, and had somehow got my feet tangled up in some wool which a cat had been playing with. The girl in question was crawling around the room trying to retrieve the wool, rolling it up into a ball as she went. I was on the end of it. Our eyes met, violins played, etc ... It was like something out of a Greek myth.

8 I have never owned a brand new car, and, like Jean, I hate driving on motorways. I always take the 'scenic route' along minor roads if possible. In an ideal world I would have a chauffeur.