Friday, March 23, 2007

(Sonny and Lois pull to a stop in town; Lois stops the car)
Sonny: It's not the same now. Nothing's really been right since Sam the Lion died.
Lois: No. No, it hasn't. (she tears up) Oh, god. I get sad if I think of Sam for long. Did you know he had beautiful hands?
Sonny: I guess you liked him, didn't you? I guess everybody did.
Lois: Well, I'll tell you, it was different with me, Sonny. I loved him. He loved me, too.
Sonny: Are you... are you the one he used to take swimming -- out at the tank?
Lois: He told you about that, huh? Yeah, I was the one. Oh, I guess if it wasn't for Sam, I'd... just about have missed it, whatever it is. I'd have been one of them amity types that thinks that playing bridge is about the best thing that life has to offer. Old Sam the Lion. Sam the Lion -- you know, nobody knows where he got that name; I gave it to him. One night it just came to me. He was so pleased. I was twenty-two years old then. Can you imagine? I'll tell you Sonny, it's terrible to only meet one man in your whole life who knows what you're worth. Just terrible. I've looked too. You wouldn't believe how I've looked.
Sonny: Well, now I know that's why Sam liked you.
Lois: (quickly) Loved me.
Sonny: Loved you, I mean.
(Lois leans towards Sonny to hold his cheek)
Lois: Do you? Well, I can kind of see what he saw in you, too.
(She regards Sonny for a long time, contemplating a seduction)
Lois: Nope, I'll just go on home. (she starts the car) Go on, get out.

from The Last Picture Show

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