Saturday, December 23, 2006

Yesterday I was sitting on a bench in Princes Street Gardens with Edinburgh Castle in front of me and the bronze war memorial to members of the Scots Greys Regiment behind me. The statue is of a soldier on horseback, wearing a busby similar to those worn by the guards at Buckingham Palace in London. I was eating an egg and tomato sandwich and watching the world pass by when along comes a father with three young boys, all about 8 years old. One of the boys sees the statue, stops in front of me, and addresses it in a very correct English accent: 'Hello Mr soldier, I see you're up here from Buckingham Palace. How was the parade today?' He pauses momentarily, before adding 'Oh but you're dead aren't you? You can't hear me.' Then a slightly confused look crosses his face, and as he scampers off to catch up with his friends he shouts back at the statue: 'No, that's wrong ... not dead ... stuffed. Sorry!'