Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ingmar Bergman's 'Saraband'

I saw Ingmar Bergman's 'Saraband' on tv last night. Bergman, now in his eighties, says this is his last film, and to me it was every bit as good as the work he produced in his prime. It's chamber music rather than a symphony like, say, 'Fanny and Alexander', but, as with Beethoven, Bergman is an absolute master of either style. Afterwards I watched a short documentary,'The Making of Saraband', which gave some fascinating insights into both Bergman's personality and his working methods - particularly the ways in which he coerces performances from the actors. A remarkable man - or 'old goat' as Liv Ullman calls him - and one of the giants of the cinema.

Extracts from 'The Making of Saraband' I - II - III