Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I borrowed this excellent idea from udge. The challenge he set on his blog was to identify the title and artist of songs from their first lines, and post answers in the comments. Udge's rules: no Googling the lyrics, but Googling a song title when you can't remember the name of the band, or the name of the album when you can't remember the title of the song, is ok. However, if you were wrong you can't submit the correct answer :) Good luck.

update: Norman has a version here, and Ill Man has a variation here.

1. Seen the arrow on the doorpost
Bob Dylan - Blind Willie McTell (norman)
2. I know your leaving is too long overdue
3. I'll take the position, assume the missionary part
REM - Falls To Climb (ill man)
4. Your sorry eyes, they cut through bone, make it hard to leave you alone
Beck - Lost Cause (yelhsa)
5. Come over to the window my little darling
Leonard Cohen - So Long Marianne (arevik)
6. (spoken) I was lying in my bed last night staring at a ceiling full of stars
Antony and the Johnsons with Lou Reed - Fistful of Love (rb)
7. I saw her standin' on her front lawn just twirlin' her baton
Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska (ill man)
8. And so the story goes, they wore the clothes
David Bowie - The Bewley Brothers (norman)
9. Time, all the long red lines, that take control
10. Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane
The Boxtops - The Letter (elaine)
11. I was watching with one eye on the other side
White Stripes - Hotel Yorba (mary j)
12. I bid farewell to the state of old New York
13. She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge
Pulp - Common People (panoptican)
14. I'll sing it one last time for you
Snow Patrol - Run (antonia)
15. Many's the time I've been mistaken
Paul Simon - American Tune (rb)
16. With a crooked smile and a heart-shaped face
Nick Cave - West Country Girl (rb)
17. Caught between the twisted stars, the plotted lines
Lou Reed - Romeo Had Juliette (rb)
18. We play these parlour games
Elvis Costello - Indoor Fireworks (panoptican)
19. Here's room 506
Nico - Chelsea Girls (panoptican)
20. Oh play me a blue song and fade down the light
Richard Thompson - Waltzing's for Dreamers (norman)
21. Just when every ray of hope was gone
Steve Earle - My Old Friend the Blues (john)
22. Oh baby you can walk you can talk just like me
Talking Heads - Thankyou For Sending Me An Angel (ill man)
23. (spoken) Brothers and sisters I have a confession to make
24. Always alone, never with a herd
The Byrds - Chestnut Mare (norman)
25. I can't look at the rocket launch
Eels - I Like Birds (ill man)