Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Man: Is, your uh, is your wife a sport, eh?
Squire: Um, she likes sport, yes.
Man: I bet she does, I bet she does!
Squire: As a matter of fact she's very fond of cricket.
Man: Who isn't? Likes games, eh? Knew she would. She's been around a bit, been around?
Squire: She has travelled, yes. She's from Scarsdale. (pause)
Man: Say no more! Scarsdale, say no more, say no more, say no more squire!
Squire: I wasn't going to.
Man: Oh! Well, never mind, dib dib ... Is your uh, is your wife interested in ... photography? 'Photographs', he asked him knowingly?
Squire: Photography?
Man: Snap snap, grin grin, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more?
Squire: Holiday snaps?
Man: Could be, could be taken on holiday. Candid, you know, candid photography?
Squire: No, no I'm afraid we don't have a camera.
Man: Oh. (leeringly) Still, mwoooo eh? mwoohohohohoo eh? hohohoho eh?
Squire: Look ... are you insinuating something?
Man: Oh, no, no, no (pause) ... Yes.

Monty Python