Tuesday, November 09, 2004

call me on my dog and other stuff
A Turkish petrol attendant who thought his mobile had been stolen dialled the number and his dog's stomach started ringing. He was reunited with his phone the next day. Residents of an entire Indian village have been sleeping outside a police station for the last four years to protect themselves from thieves. Next year's World Testicle Cooking Championship will include an 'exotic' section featuring camel and ostrich testicles. An Indian man can write with both hands simultaneously in two separate languages. A London man made the world's biggest origami penis. A German woman caused £15,000 of damage trying to eat breakfast while driving to work. She laid out a bowl, a packet of muesli, a pint of milk and a spoon on the passenger seat before setting off, but lost control of the car while trying to stop her bowl tipping over. Renee Zellweger is afraid that airport security guards will handle her underwear, so she sends it home by courier. An Indian man was arrested for hiding a piece of wood in his hair to meet the minimum height requirement to join the police. A talking dog has been discovered in the republic of Bashkiria, Russia.